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CoCo Cottage Koh Ngai -Trang Andaman Beach  Unseen Thailand
Travelling Koh hai  - Koh ngai

Do NOT accept booking with child under 3 years old.

Koh Ngai or Koh Hai is a remote island, which is only opened for tourist. Therefore, it is the best place for the tourist seeking for a peaceful happiness. There is no roads, no cars, no bikes on the island. All traveling is done either by walking or getting a boat from one beach to another. In the north part, most beaches arerocky beach, better sandy beach is inthe middle and south.

Nowadays, Koh Ngai becomes more well-known along with the growth in traveling industry.  Many more varieties of the traveler visiting Koh Ngai along with many more resorts opened. There are 11 resorts on Koh Ngai offer different kinds, different concepts of accommodation. This is an advantage for the travelers having more choices to satisfy their expectations. People who like a backpacker feeling still can find a basic fan room or camping place. Some travelers, who need good sleep in a clean and safe place but still closed to nature feeling, also can find a natural basic a/c room. Some resorts had well adapted to be compatible with travelers who are looking for full of facilities or even need swimming pool.  Therefore, please take some little time to get a bit more information of the resort you are interested before doing reservation for your perfect holidays.

Tips: How to create your pleasant stay?
1) Check basic facilities offered in resort/hotel you are interested. To make sure they have everything you want for your holiday.
2) Check the reviews from travelling website on satisfaction experiences comparing with your expectation.
3) Wherever you go, no matter what the weather is, always bring your own sunshine!

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CoCo Cottage is an Environmental - Friendly Resort. All rooms are decorated in natural style, with extensive use of wood. It might seem that we are harmful to the nature since all the cottages are made from wood. But we are sure of the most environmental-friendly way we could find comparing with concrete or some other components not been dissolved by the nature. It incurs more cost to renovate, but we prefer to take it since we need you to be surrounded by the nature as much as we could to let you escape from the concrete forests in your everyday life.

CoCo Team is a management team contains of Thai family that will always stay to take care of you with Thai hospitality. Even we are not the most professional but we are willing and intending to do our best to make your holiday special and being one of the meaningful memories to you.







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CoCo Cottage Koh Ngai 
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