Koh Ngai

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Koh Ngai or Koh Hai is part of a national park. There is no villages, no local people on the island. The area partially covered in mountainous and rain-forest inhabited by several kind of birds such as hornbills, sea eagles and other wildlife such as bats, gecko, lizards. There are some footpaths in the jungle (jungle trek) up hill to some great viewpoints from the west of the island. There is no roads here on the island. The only way to get around the island is by walking. The island has three kilometer long main beach. Most of the coastline is indented with rocky headlands. There are several resorts lined up along the east coast. White sandy beach can be found in the middle and the south of the main beach. While in the north part, the beach is a rocky beach where CoCo Cottage is located, but the fifty meters offshore coral reefs are definitely worth exploring.

Koh Ngai becomes more well-known along with the growth in tourism industry. More travelers visiting Koh Ngai as well as more kinds of resorts opened. Nowadays, there are 12 resorts and hotels on Koh Ngai which from mid to superior level. The offering of different kinds, different concepts of accommodation are an advantage for the travelers. People who likes a backpacker feeling still can find a basic fan room or camping places. Some travelers who need good sleep quality in a clean and safe place but still closed to nature feeling, also can find a natural basic air condition room. Some places had well adapted to be compatible with travelers who are looking for full of facilities or even need swimming pool. So let's take some little time to get a bit more information before doing reservation for your holidays.

Good time to visit CoCo Cottage

CoCo Cottage opens for 2 periods:
  1. October - mid of May
  2. July - August

Note: Because extensive use of wood, therefore the maintenance work is our priority. We are usually close in some months for maintenance to make sure that even more than a decade passed, the place is always well kept for all visitors.

Good time to visit Koh Ngai

Influenced by the global climate changing problem, there is nothing to guarantee for the weather on Koh Ngai. So you might consider about the transportation when planning to visit.

Tourist Season

As same as most part of the Andaman Sea. The travel season is between October – April. To travel around Andaman coast route in this period is very easy with many public boats. Beside, most of National marine parks open to visit in this period. The island is livelier with resorts, restaurants, bars, massage places, tour and diving shops.

Out of Season

During May - September, visiting Koh Ngai during these months is still possible. Even there is no daily/public boats running. But a longtail boat from Pakmeng pier or the Old town pier (Koh Lanta) to Koh Ngai is easy to rent.

During this time, most of National marine parks are closed. Most of water activities are not allowed. But snorkeling in front of the beach yourself is still able to do. Massage places, tour & diving shops are mostly shut down.

Some resorts and restaurants are on and off in different month. So the island is a bit quiet. For anyone who is a thirst to peace, it’s your Time!

How to create your pleasant stay on Koh Ngai

Let's see our tips!

Island & Resort Facilities

Check basic facilities offered in resort/hotel you are interested. To make sure that they have everything you want for your holiday.

Reviews from Visitors

Check the reviews from traveling website on satisfaction experiences comparing with your expectation.
Check this out: Certificate of Excellence

Let it Go!

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather is, always bring your own sunshine!

Welcome to CoCo Cottage

Chic Chill Charm

In the past, Koh Ngai was a coconut plantations owned by people from Koh Lanta. Influenced by this history and the atmosphere surrounded, we’ve named the place "COCO COTTAGE".

CoCo Cottage had been built up on this beautiful island since 2004 when there was no electricity, no water supply. Our first idea was that we gonna create a small, safe and clean place on the virgin island. And what couldn’t be forgotten! If we want to enjoy the place for a long time, we need to look after it and the environment around.

To reaches the purpose – we’ve decided to built an eco-chic resort where rustic, design and traveller's satisfaction are combined. We believe that when people escape from the concrete forests of their everyday life and come to a remote island of Thailand. Nothing is better than a simply living in a small coconut trunk bungalow that gives a relaxed and chilled out feeling and be surrounded by the charm of nature at the same time.

In the last decade, hotel and tourism industry in Thailand is growing up very fast. Luckily, Koh Ngai is still an unspoiled island. That might because 70% of the area is a forest that belongs to a national park. We don’t know the future. But we always challenge ourselves to keep balancing between Koh Ngai's environment and tourism development. Wish us luck!!


CoCo Team

With our kindly staffs, you will be treated as good as we can.

CoCo Team is a team that always stays to take care of you with Thai hospitality. Even we are not the professional but we are willing and intending to do our best to make your holiday special and being one of the meaningful memories to you.

For the best hospitality services we can take care of, we only accept booking for guests over the age of 3 years.

Awareness of facilities on the Island

  • No Bikes, No Cars
  • No Supermarket
  • No Bank, No ATM
  • No Hospital, No Pharmacy
  • No Barber or Salon


  • Free WIFI
  • Breakfast included
  • A/C in room (operated at night)
  • Beach Front
  • Non-Smoking room
  • Restaurant
  • Airport Transportation
  • Beach Pool
  • Bar
  • Cloth Washing Service (No ironing)

Some services are with additional charge.

Does Not Provides

  • Fitness & Spa
  • Massage service
  • Television
  • Refrigerator
  • Kettle
  • Coffee maker
  • Bathtub