1. If you come from others islands to Koh Ngai , please see check boat name below:
  • GARDEN HILL SPEED BOAT : stop in front coco beach.
  • BUNDHAYA Speed boat or SATUN PAKBARA Speed boat
    When it arrives at Koh Ngai, boat company will arrange a taxi boat to the resort for all passengers. So please tell them that you are going to CoCo Cottage.
  • TIGERLINE Speed boat or SIRI LANTA speed boat
    Please check your ticket if longtail transfer is included or not.
    - If yes, when you arrive at Koh Ngai, the boat company will arrange a taxi boat to the resort for you. So please tell them that you are going to CoCo Cottage.
    - If the ticket does not include a taxi boat, please ask the staff on speed boat if you can buy this extra service with them (100 B/pax). Sometimes, they prepare a taxi boat for other guests who've booked it in advance. So you can join that boat.
    - In case your ticket does not include a taxi boat and the boat staff can not arrange it for you. When you arrive at the pier, the staff at the pier can help you to find a taxi boat. To go to CoCo, it costs 100 B/pax. In case there is no taxi boat, you can tell the staff at the pier to call us at 66 (0) 89 7249225, then we will try to find another taxi boat for you. Otherwise, we will send our staff to carry your stuff and escort you to the resort by walking (2.5 km.)
    Note: Taxi boats can not be booked in advance, because Tigerline is often not on time.

     2. From the mainland, the closest pier to Koh Ngai is Pakmeng pier in Trang.
     3. From/To some part of Krabi, you don't need to go via Koh Lanta. Go via Pakmeng pier is easier. 
     4. From Koh Ngai pier to CoCo Cottage, TAXI BOAT cost 100 B/pax
     5. For your own convenience and to reduce number of taxi boats on Koh Ngai's beach, we recommend you to buy a ticket from a company that provide a taxi boat for passenger.
     6. For your departure, we recommend you to buy a ticket after you arrive Koh Ngai. Because there are many points to considering, for example, where is a check-in point of boat? Is it close or far from your resort? And by the weather/tide condition.  Agencies that are not located on Koh Ngai mostly don't know these kind of information.
     7. Take a photo of your belongings every time you start your journey. It might be very useful in an unexpected situation.
     8. If you need an internet connection all the time, let's buy Thai sim card because WiFi on Koh Ngai is not stable and sometime it's out of service for a week. The best mobile signal is AIS.


  1. During low-medium tide period, you will get wet when getting out from the boat. Taking sandal shoes and short is highly recommended.
  2. The beach in front of the resort is a rocky beach. By weather and/or tide - level conditions, sometime, it’s not safe to stop a boat in front of the resort.  In that case, boat driver will stop on the others beach. Please prepare yourself for walking in the water, rocky beach or walking 1-2 km. on the beach.
  3. On a big windy day (even in hi-season period can be happened), getting out from the boat in front Koh Ngai (any beach) is difficult. Anyone with heath problem or physical problem, pregnant lady, small child shall avoid. To be in the safe side, please inform our team in advance, then we can prepare for any trouble that can be happened.
  4. When a boat stops in front of the resort, our staff will going to take you luggage. Anyhow, please separate electric devices to carry by your own or put them in a waterproof bag.
  5. Latest time to organize private longtail boat from Pakmeng pier is 4.30pm. In case you get to the pier afterward, you have to find a boat by yourself. And if you can't get the island on your first night, room cost still be charged as original booking.
  6. For your departure: Earliest time to organize a boat from Koh Ngai to Pak Meng pier is 8.00am. If you have any early flight, please feel free to contact our team in advance. And an overtime charge will be applied.
  7. For international flight, traveler should have some spare time or flexible plan for departure. Leaving the island for any fixed schedule of transportation in the same day is not recommended. Resort will not be responsible for cancellation of transportation due to unexpected weather.
  8. CoCo Cottage is not a luxurious resort. it is best suited to those who enjoy a touch of nature and the experience of something different.

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