Frequently Asked Questions

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Should I fly via Krabi or Trang?

Both airports are good choice, below are things to consider:

  1. Trang airport is closer and transfer cost is cheaper than Krabi airport.
    • To/From Trang Airport
      For Arrival, to get Koh Ngai in one day, flight arrival time might be before 3.30 pm.
      For Departure, flight should be departs after 11 am.
    • To/From Krabi Airport
      For Arrival, to get Koh Ngai in one day, flight arrival time might be before 2.30 pm. Or 2 pm. for an international flight.
      For Departure, flight should be departs after 12 am.
    • We have airport pick-up services for your convenience. Please visit our "How to get here" page
  2. There are more flights operated between Bangkok - Krabi airport.
  3. Flights between Bangkok - Trang: Most of them are fly to/from Don Muang Airport, there is only 1 flight fly to/from Suvarnabhumi International Airport*
  4. Flights between Bangkok - Krabi: Flight operated to/from Don Muang Airport and Suvarnabhumi International Airport*

    *Suvarnabhumi International Airport is the airport that international flights are connected.

To get Koh Ngai by your own arrangement from Trang or Krabi airport, please visit How to get here.

Is there a supermarket/local market on the island?

Because there is no local people on the island, so there is no fresh market or supermarket here.

But small grocery shops for some daily used items, snacks and drinks can be found at a corner of each hotel/resort.

Can I pay with credit card at the resort?

Yes, you can. 

At CoCo Cottage, you can pay with cash in Thai Baht and VISA or MASTER card (without extra fee).

ps: There is no bank neither nor ATM on the island.

Is Coco Cottage open all year round?

No, it isn’t.

The resort is CLOSED during 16-30 May, June, and September.

What is the different between Sea Sense and Sea Side cottage?

The only difference is Sea sense cottage's terrace is stretching to canal. But terrace of Sea side cottage is stretching to beach.

What is a family plan ?

To make every family stay as comfortable as possible, please kindly read information below:
1. Extra Person (child 9 years old or more) : 800 B/night for breakfast + towel set + Sofa bed setup (or extra mattress in some room type)
2. Extra Child (Child 5-8 years old): 450 B/night for breakfast + towel set (sharing bed with parents)
3. Children 3-4 years old sharing a bed with parents, stay free.
1.Children 3-8 years old, if a sofa bed or extra mattress is requested, charged at an Extra Person rate.
2.Children under 8 years old are not allowed to stay in a Sea Sense cottage.

A)  Family with 1 child (3-12 years old) - a child will be charged as mentioned in an age criteria.
      Room type recommended: Any type.
B)  Family with 2 children (between 3-12 years old):
     - Elder child (any age) will be applied as an Extra Person at 800 B/night
     - Younger child - will be charged as mentioned in an age criteria.
     Room type recommended: Sea Delight, Green Deluxe, Twilight Garden Deluxe
C)  Family with 2 children (one of them or both are over 12  years old), there are 2 options:
      OPTION 1 : Take 1 Family Cottage  that provides 1 queen size bed and 2 single beds in 1 bedroom.
      OPTION 2 : Take 2 Cottages ( same kind) and request 1 double bedroom and 1 twin bedroom.
      The resort will try to keep 2 cottages next to each other for the family (not 100% guarantee)                   
D) Family with 3 children, a Family needs to book 2 cottages.
     The youngest child will be charged as mentioned in an age criteria.
     The resort will try to keep 2 cottages next to each other for the family (not 100% guarantee).


Do you organize a snorkeling trip and how much does it cost?
Yes, snorkeling trip can be arranged or booked with our team at the resort. Trip's cost differ from 500-1,500 THB per person which depends on snorkeling spots and boat type.
Do you organize a trip to visit the Emerald cave?

Yes, we do.

The Emerald cave is including in a 3 or 4 islands trip. Cost is depending on the trip, boat type and number of passengers in the trip.

For an example, a trip to visit the Emerald cave cost is 600 THB/pax (minimum 4 pax sharing).

Do you organize a trip to visit Koh Rok?

During December - April, there is 1 boat company organizes Koh Rok trip with speed boat 1-2 times a week (mostly on weekend). Price is 1,750 THB /pax (National park fee does not include). 
But the date will be set only a week before. So please recheck a schedule of the trip when you are at the resort.

Tip: If you are going to stay in Koh Lanta before or after Koh Ngai, it's easier to take Koh Rok trip from there. 


Do you have a mask and snorkel equipment for rent?

Yes, we do.

Masks & Snorkel gear = rental fee is at 50 B/day 
Fins (adult’s size only) = rental fee is at 50 B/day 
Life Jacket = Borrow for free

Do you offer vegetarian friendly options?

Yes, we do.

Fruit, eggs, vegetable salad, muesli, milk, yogurt, bread, pancake, fried noodles and rice soup are provided in our breakfast buffet line.
And resort’s restaurant also offers a vegetarian dish in a menu.

Do you offer Gluten-free options?

We do not offer a Gluten-free food. However, guest could bring gluten-free food, sauce or ingredients here with you. And our kitchen team is happy to cook a gluten-free for you.

What will be happened if I cannot get to the resort because of the monsoon?

Since we are on the island, a weather condition may cause a trouble to reach the island. Please follow our cancellation policy when the monsoon/thunder storm is issued.

Do you have a massage service?

No, we don't have massage service at our place.
But there are 3-4 of massage places on the island. The nearest one is around 500 meter from CoCo Cottage. Starting price is 350 B/hour. They only accept cash.

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