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Do NOT accept booking with child under 3 years old.

    Koh Ngai is a part of Moo Koh Lanta National Park,  Lanta District,  Krabi Province. But transportation from Trang is more convenient to access via Pakmeng Pier. CoCo Cottage is located at the east side of Koh Ngai,   the beach face to Trang Sea.   The beach in front is a rocky beach.  During low – medium tide time, you will get wet when getting out from a boat. Taking sandal shoes and short is higly recommended.

To travel to/from Koh Ngai, please CAREFULLY read below information:

1) As CoCo Beach is a rocky Beach.  So boat cannot reach the beach at a low-tide period, especially if it is also windy at the same time: it’s not safe to stop a boat on CoCo Beach. With these kind of problem, sometime boat driver will stop at some others beach. Please prepare yourself for walking in the water, rocky beach or walking 1-2 km. on the beach.

2) On big windy day (even in hi-season period can be happened), getting out from the boat in front Koh Ngai (any beach) is difficult. Anyone with heath problem or physical problem, pregnant lady, small child shall avoid. To be in the safe side, please inform our team in advance, then we can prepare  for any trouble that can be happened.

3) Latest time to organized private long tail boat from Pakmeng pier is 16.00 o'clock. In case you get to the pier afterward, you have to find a boat by yourself. And if you can't get the island on your first night, room cost still be charged as original booking!.

4) Earliest time to organize a boat from Koh Ngai to Pak Megn pier is 8 am.

5) For Low Season, Pre & End Season: Since the weather could change very fast and cause difficulty in sea transfer sometimes, therefore 1 day spared for flexible travel plan on departure is recommended.     

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From Bangkok to Trang or Krabi
Flight connections to Trang and Krabi are made easily through
Suvarnabhumi International Airport or Don Mueang Airport.

  • Fly from Bangkok to Trang: please visit,  Nokair ,  AirAsia
    Flight will taking around 1 hr 30 mins.
  • Bus from Bangkok to Trang
  • Buses leave from Southern Bus Terminal every day around 7 p.m. - 8 p.m.
    For more information, please call 02-435-1199-200 or The Transport Co. in Trang call at 075-218-718.
  • Train from Bangkok to Trang
  • There are 2 daily trains from Bangkok to Trang (and 2 trains back from Trang to Bangkok).
    For more information and book ticket online, please visit :  Thairailwayticket
  • Fly from Bangkok to Krabi please visit  AirAsia, Thaiairway, Thaismile , LionAir
    Note: Krabi can also reach by flying from Koh Samui to Krabi, please visit :  BangkokAir
    or flying from Kuala Lumper, Malaysia and Chiang Mai, please visit :  AirAsia.
    or flying from Singapore(Changi Airport) with Tiger Airways, please visit :  TigerAir

Land Transfer From Trang or Krabi to Pakmeng Pier

  • From Trang Train Station, Trang town Take about 45 min to Pakmeng Pier.
    - Private taxi for max. people 3 (with 1 luggage each)  : 900 B/taxi/one- way
    - Minivan for 3 - 7 people: 300-450 B/person/one-way
  • From Krabi town or Ao-nang or other beaches Take around 2-3 hrs to Pakmeng Pier. Duration and rate will be difference by the pick up point.
    - Private taxi for max. 3 people (with 1 luggage each) : 2,200 - 3,500 B / taxi / one- way
    - Minivan for 3 - 7 people : 800 - 1,250 B / person / one-way

    Note : Family with kids and trolley is recommended to book a minivan.

Sea Transfer from Pakmeng Pier to Koh Ngai

  • Daily boat* (belonged to Koh Ngai Villa)
  • Depart Pakmeng pier at 12 o'clock. (or can be 30 min-1hr late) price is 350 B/person including taxi boat to any beach on Koh Ngai/ around 2 o'clock you arrive CoCo Cottage.
      *Operated during Hi-season (Nov-Apr) only .
  • Private longtail boat : take about 50 min. Price is 1,300 B for 1-2 passenger or if there are 4 passengers or more, rate will be calculated as sharing price at 350 B/person )
  • Private Speed boat : take 20 min. (5,000 B / Maximum 12 passengers)


Transfer from TRANG AIRPORT or KRABI AIRPORT to Koh Ngai  

Only Private transfer can be booked in advance. Resort will swich to organize a sharing transfer when guests asking for a pick up service with a same flight or with flight arriving at nearly time. And a payment will be re-calculated on arrival.

From Trang Airport to Koh Ngai : Take 1 hour by Taxi and 50 min by Longtial boat.
For 1 or 2 passenger (s) : 2,200 B
For 3-7 Passengers : 650-850 B/pax
On Arrival: Flight arriving time migth be before 3.30 pm.
On Departure : Flight departur time might be after 11 am.

From Krabi Airport to Koh Ngai : Take 1.50 hour by Taxi and 50 min by Longtial boat.
For 1 or 2 passenger (s) : 3,300 B
For 3-7 Passengers : 1,000-1,250 B/pax
On Arrival: Flight arriving time migth be before 2.30 pm. (domestic) or 2 pm. ( international)
On Departure : Flight departur time might be after 1 pm.



From Koh Lanta to Koh Ngai

“The following price is valid from November 2016 to April 2017”
Check seat available and buy ticket with any resort or local agency at Koh Lanta.


Boat company



Stopping Point
and taxi boat organize.

 Saladan Pier

Garden Hill Speed Boat

8.30 am.


CoCo Cottage
Tiger LineFerry
10.00 am. 500 Koh Ngai Camping: Boat company organizes taxi boat to hotel (50 B/pax)
Bundhaya Speed boat
10.30 am.
Koh Ngai camping: Boat company organizes free taxi boat to hotel.
Satun Pakbara Speed boat
11.00 am.
Sea open dive shop: No taxi boat service. (600 meter from CoCo Cottage)

Old Town Pier

Petpailin Ferry

9.30 am.


Koh Ngai pier: Boat company organizes free taxi boat to hotel.



FROM Phuket, Koh Phi Phi to Koh Ngai (in Hi-season only)
3 Boat companies below provide a transportation route between
Phuket - Koh PhiPhi - Koh Lanta - Koh Ngai (continue to Koh Lipe afterward)
Please check boat stopping point and taxi boat service before buy a ticket.

FROM Koh Lipe, Koh Bulone, Koh Kradan, Koh Mook to Koh Ngai (in Hi-season only)
Bundhaya Speed boat and Satun Pakbara Speed boats organize transportation from Koh Lipe - Koh Bulone - Koh Krada - Koh Mook - Koh Ngai (continue to Koh Lanta afterward)
Please check boat stopping point and taxi boat service before buy a ticket.

Tigerline Ferry organize transportation from Koh Lipe - Had yao pier - Koh Krada - Koh mook - Koh Ngai. (continue to Koh Lanta afterward)

For more information, please visit:

Bundhaya Speed Boat
When arrive Koh Ngai: Boat stops at Koh Ngai camping or pier (depend on tide level)/ Boat company will organizes FREE taxi boat to hotel.

Satun Pakbara Speed Boat
When arriving Koh Ngai : Boat stop at Koh Ngai Sea Open (600 meter from CoCo Cottage. / NO taxi boat service.

Tigerline Ferry
When aarrive Koh Ngai, Ferry stop in front of Koh Ngai camping / Boat company organizes taxi boat to hotel. (50 B/pax)

Note: If taxi boat can not run by weather or tide level condition. Passenger have to walk from boat stopping point to the resort. If you want our staff to carry your bag, please ask a boat staff at the meeting point call our team at 089 724 9225. Or leave your luggage with a staff at the meeting point, take a picture of your luggage to show our staff.

As there are many boats and many routes to get out from the island. Beside, pick up points of each boat companies are different.
If you plan to stay at Koh ngai more than 1 or 2 days, we recommend you to check boat's time table and buy a ticket with our team when you are at the resort.
On the other hand, if you plan to stay only 1 or 2 nights, and want to buy a ticket in advance, please feel free to conatct our team before buy a ticket at sales@coco-cottage.com.

TRAVEL to Koh Ngai during mid of April - October (out of hi-season period)
The easiest way to get to Koh ngai during that time is going via Pakmeng pier with private longtail boat.
Going via Koh Lanta is also possible with private longtail boat from the old town pier. For this service, pleae ccontact a local agnecy in Koh Lanta.

Remark: Travelor should have some spare time or flexible plan for departure. Leaving the island for any fixed schedule of transportation in the same day is not recommended. Resort will not be responsible for cancellation of transportation due to unexpected weather.

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